About Us

We welcome you at "GREAT SPLENDID (PVT) LIMITED" and wish to brief you shortly about our company. GREAT SPLENDID (PVT) LIMITED was established in 2001 in Sialkot ,the city known around the world as the  heart of surgical instruments industry. We offer you a complete line of quality instruments designed to meet the requirement of modern surgical procedures. We have a well equipped production unit with up-to-date latest manufacturing facilities

Our products assures professional confidence, reliability and performance, we have the capacity and team of skilled and experienced workers to provide you quality instruments meeting international standards.

Every GREAT SPLENDID (PVT) LIMITED instrument is manufactured to our rigid quality control standards and is unconditionally guaranteed against defects in material, work men or pattern.Human Tools is a child labor free company.

We have worked hard to achieve a good reputation and has been achieved a competitive prices ,attractive quality and excellent service to our customers. We are able to offer a comprehensive quoting/contracting service to meet all your requirements.